We are Carrera Custom Homes, Inc. a General Contracting Firm locally owned and operated in Tucson Arizona since 1998. Our focus is to continue building the best and strongest relationships with our clients, by always building the best quality Residential & Commercial Properties. We’ve made a commitment to uphold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards, by always being Honest, Reliable, and lastly to operate everyday with the highest levels of Integrity.

We treat every client with the same level of respect we would give our grandparents. Customer’s shouldn’t have to worry if their contractor is overcharging them, or if they are going to rip them off after receiving payment.

Our Mission

Our Mission to revolutionize how the public views Contractors, by building a long-lasting relationship with every client, as well as building affordable Residential & Commercial Properties! The way we have built long-lasting relationships and rapport with clients, is by first being HonestReliable, and to always run our business with Integrity.

HONESTY – Our clients can rest easy at night, knowing that we have given them a fair price and will keep them in the loop with daily updates on their project.

RELIABLE – From beginning to end, we will not rest until the project is complete. Down to the last item on the “Punch List”, we will continue to make sure our clients specifications are met. On time and on budget, we will always do what we say, and say what we do.

INTEGRITY – Our clients are continuously updated throughout their entire project. We promise to always be upfront and forthcoming with any pertinent information about a project.No matter, Good or Bad! From our Contractor’s Fee(s), Material Costs, and any potential deadline changes, we will remain transparent and act with integrity. We believe having Integrity is what separates a Good Contractor, from a Great Contractor!